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We are the official distributor of Fil’Up & Tonga in the United States.

Easily bond with baby by wearing the first mesh wrap. Totally safe, comfortable and comforting!

New on the American market, Fil’Up mesh wrap revolutionizes the benefits of baby wearing. Made of a pure cotton mesh, Fil-Up’s technical wizardry with gradual mesh allows the wrap to mould and adjust both to babies’ and wearers’ morphologies with softness and springiness. Nested in FilUp’s breathable mesh, close to their parent’s skin and heartbeat, babies feel snug, secure and content. Fil’Up mesh wrap is designed to support newborns’ wobbly heads and maintain the good positioning of their hips, while letting them see and feel the world as they grow up. Its optimal weight distribution lightens parents; sores or aching backs. From birth, up to 33 pounds.

Secure / Safety:

A high-tech product safeguarding both the baby’s and wearer’s health conditions.

Designed in France, by textile engineers, in collaboration with a doctor specialized in carrying and physiological health. Fil’Up mesh wrap full complies with T.I.C.K.S rules:

  • Tight: Fil’Up does not stretch out of wrap, it can be extended in width and on the bias, but it is tightened in length.
  • In view at all times: Fil’Up is made of mesh, like a net, through which the baby is constantly visible and audible.
  • Close enough to kiss: Fil’Up can be tied in many ways, including front wrap cross carry best adapted to cuddle newborns.
  • Keep chin of the chest: All front carry positions of Fil’Up allow parents to check the baby’s head position, out of the mesh wrap or through the mesh.
  • Supported back: Fil’Up has been designed to stretch, mould to the shapes and get back into shapes by itself, to respect the baby’s morphology and postures.

Safety and good health conditions are ensured:

Fil’Up’s breathable mesh eliminates any risk of suffocation. Fil’Up preserves sensitive skins by choosing the best quality cotton, the most rigorous manufacturing process (knitting, stitching, sizing…) and Oeko-Text® certified dying (no illegal substances, no harmful chemicals, colour fastness, skin-friendly pH-value, etc.)

Made with love and style in France, Give baby wearing a french refined style!

Fil’Up mesh wrap is designed and manufactured in a family business settled in Normandy, France. The trendy mesh wrap is available in different colors.

Easy to use:

Developing confidence as parent and close bonds with baby becomes child’s play with Fil’Up mesh wrap!

Much lighter and less bulky than a woven wrap, Fil’Up mesh wrap is simplicity itself!

While it offers a number of ways to wear the baby, two main ties are proposed in the provided directions for use. A larger mesh band serves as a mark to find the axis of symmetry so as to pretie it quickly, easily before placing the baby in complete safety. No need for painstakingly studying tutorials or attending baby wearing workshops, Fil’Up mesh wrap is so user-friendly and versatile that your partner will love to give it a try and get involved as much as possible. Its airy fabric make it the perfect ally of warm summer days. And in winter, you’ll appreciate its lightness when you and baby are al muffled up.

Fil’Up allows you to keep your hands free while taking care of other children or other activities.

Natural and Environmentally-Friendly:

From time immemorial, humans have been wearing their babies! Fil’Up mesh wrap supports parents and carriers who also feel like it! Notably, it is ideal for breastfeeding. Made of the best quality cotton, an organic version is also available and certified GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard). It’s the worldwide leading textile processing standard criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain). Delivered in a tastefully design recycled card box.